Creative. Passionate. Driven for Greg Lacoste, music is a main inspiration; which allows him to draw insight from things that may often go unseen or unappreciated.

Through the years, Greg has acquired a wide range of creative talents that allow him to see and think outside of the box. It can often lead him to effortlessly document an endless supply of imaginative and colorful ideas. Although having obtained a BFA in Digital Manipulation, Greg only considers photography a small part of what he does; he considers his self an artist. His capabilities continuously soar to new heights through different avenues such as Videography and Creative Directing.

Among the things he incorporates into his work are: love, zeal and originality. He would rather not repeat the same idea twice, but instead reinvent new and exciting ones. Some things you can expect from Greg are professionalism and promptness while remaining open-minded and flexible with a high level of energy that makes him a joy to be around and work with. He is currently based in/around Houston, TX and New Orleans, LA with future goals of expanding; at a moments notice.

All photographs, unless otherwise noted, are copyright © 2009-2014 LaCoste Photography. Please contact me for my permission, before using any of my photographs. Thank you.