Upon closer look its not the same

Looking back at where I started and where iam now and where I plan to be, looks like inception, when typing “lol” queue the dramatic theme sounds from the movie inception

Me keeping, said close eye

I’m keeping a close eye on my progress and sometimes to actually see it, one must look at the “mirror” “to see what’s staring back at one self” sorry for that Justin Timberland refrence many people say that your biggest critic is yourself and that my friends is true. Because of that iam constantly hard on my self and see little to no progress but, my peers will say different, in such a way that I feel like they have me mistaken.

But that is just my modesty kicking in, cant be that modest if you say your modest lol. Any way this blog post is just a memo to my self something like a time capsule to hopefully dig up in the future and finally recognize my new reflection, and see my growth as a photographic artist (I like the sound of that)

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