Uniquely Born of Fire

Had the opportunity to catch up with author extraordinaire, Myunique C. Green and catch some photographs of her and bits of her imagination..

Throughout grade school Myunique was always told that she had a story to tell. Much like the way rappers ‘freestyle’ she can just as easily spin a story from the oxygen in the air. When she’s not writing, Myunique finds herself spending an unhealthy amount of time watching movies she’s most likely seen twenty times- since she self-diagnosed herself as a ‘Nostalgia Junkie’.

She considers herself something of an oddball and undoubtedly the black sheep of her family. With an attachment to weird, her quest began by simply wanting to find something different. Since it’s release, her first novel has reached over 500 ebook downloads on Amazon-Kindle and peaked at #1 on the Bestseller/Top 100 list.

She is author of Bloodlines: Everything that Glitters,

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