Who Am I? What Do I Do? Why Should People Care?

As a class assignment we are told to answer the three questions, stated above in the title sequence.

Who am I?

LaCoste Photography

Who Am I ? I go by the name of Greg Lacoste, the plans I have for this blog is to keep everyone up to date on what I have been up to (as if Facebook wasn’t enough) everybody and their mom has been asking me to create a blog; and me being a private person, trying to getting my thoughts out for the “world to see” this will be interesting.


Curtsey of Heather Garcia

What Do I Do? For starters I tend to over think everything, I can make the simplest thought become a never ending monumental life changing decision, and at the same time I can just ignore that very thought; what I just explained is what I plan/will do with my art. I say art only because If I feel I need another medium to express my thoughts/ or perspective I shall not hesitate to acquire the skills to learn it :D. I am an artist and a working photographer who works to create compelling pieces to be judged extrovertivly(sp) (think extrovert and just add “ly”)  and enjoyed introverly(sp) (same as before), even a little bit of learning can be had.

Why Should People Care? People will care because, people dont know they care until they do.